[ Travel Series] Top 5 Travel Tips |Tomorrowland

[ Travel Series] Top 5 Travel Tips |Tomorrowland

We’re heading to Europe for 2 weeks and I’ve been given the challenge to pack 1 carry-on and 1 medium sized check-in luggage for 2 people. With limited luggage real estate and 10 days of travel plus 4 days of Tomorrowland outfits to worry about, I’ve really had to step up my game. Did I mention we’ll be heading to Tomorrowland on the party plane? Imagine the Disney plane or the Pokemon plane but BETTER!

See the collage below for my top 5 travel tips and if you’re interested in reading more, scroll down!


1. Purchasing travel size minis are great because you don’t have to worry about depotting any of your favourite beauty items. I find this easier to manage and it’s one less thing I have to worry about when I’m packing that quart sized bag.

2. For long trips, I like to purchase my own soap and shampoo because admittedly, I’m a bit of a princess and I don’t like to use hotel products. My two go-to products are Porridge and Trichomania from Lush — both of which are moisturizing and divine to smell. By buying solids, I’m ultimately saving room once again in that quart size liquids bag and reducing the weight in my medium-sized luggage.

3. As a regular contact lens user, I’ve collected my fair share of lens containers. I don’t normally use the generic ones that come with my contact solution so I’ve opted to re-purpose them for a more worthy cause. I find contact lens cases are perfect for holding face, eye, night cream. Each side (L/R) when filled to the top can last for about 15 days. If you think you might need more, by all means use both sides for whatever you need. Needless to say, the slim and compact design trumps regular travel containers.

4. Packing cubes are essential to packing light. They compress your clothes and keep them from wrinkling! I purchased some from Eagle Creek a while ago that I really like but I’ve also bought inexpensive ones from Korea that work just the same.

5. Face masks are a MUST HAVE for me on long flights. To prevent my skin from being too parched from dry cabin air, I always bring 2 masks with me — one for the departing flight and one for the return flight. I find this also keeps my skin from getting post-flight break outs. I may look like a weirdo for about 10 – 15 minutes but it’s worth it and to be honest, who’s looking anyway?

Hope these tips will be useful for your next travel and don’t forget to check back in! There will be more travel related posts to come. We’re so excited to share our Tomorrowland experience with you!

Comment below and let us know your top 5 travel tips! :)

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