[ Travel Series ] Packing Light Tips + OOTDs | Tomorrowland

[ Travel Series ] Packing Light Tips + OOTDs | Tomorrowland

Welcome back to the second post for our travel series! Check out the first post of our travel series, Top 5 Travel Tips.

For the second post, I’ve combined my Euro OOTDs with some tips on how to pack light. As a well seasoned traveler, I have always tried to pack only the necessities but let’s be honest, sometimes the ‘what if’ scenarios get even the best of us. For this trip in particular, I had to pack 10 days worth of clothes for country hopping (read below) and 4 solid Tomorrowland outfits. Don’t worry, the Tomorrowland outfits are on their way (post #3 in this series) but here’s a sneak preview of one of the shirts:

Yes, that is my dog on a shirt and feel free to follow him on Instagram, @RemixTheDog. Don’t judge.

How to Pack Light:

1. Mix neutrals with colours from the same family. For example, I chose blush neutrals and mixed them with different shades of blue. I find this makes my travel wardrobe cohesive and easy to style for days when I feel like straying away from the pre-styled.

2. My general rule of thumb: 5 accessories4 tops3 bottoms2 shoes, and 1 bag. For this trip, I’ve added 2 dresses and allocated one shoe for Tomorrowland. Check out the quick snaps for my combined outfits (sans accessories):

dinosaurus-rex-tomorrowland-fashion-guide-012 dinosaurus-rex-tomorrowland-fashion-guide-011

3. I’m adding packing cubes again in this post because the worst thing that could happen at the airport is having to open your luggage in front of everyone and your underwear falls out or something. WORST NIGHTMARE EVER. Save yourself the trouble and just use packing cubes to keep things tidy & where they should be.

4. Try on your outfits before hand and then take a picture so you can remember how you’ve combined your limited wardrobe. This process takes a lot of self control. My advice: lay out all the things you potentially want to wear and start eliminating clothes as you go. Mix, match and pair to your heart’s content but stay within your limit and avoid adding more clothes unless you can use it with more than one outfit. I also like to add all my photos into one single frame so I can see them side by side and really visualize which items I’ve used more than others. Example:

5. Choose simple accessories that will go well with all your outfits. My go to accessories usually consist of: a watch, my Swarovski studs, a scarf (you never know), & a statement necklace. I normally would bring a pair of ballet flats in lieu of the high tops but since there’s an outdoor festival involved, I’ve chosen to abandon the flats. :’(

Hope you enjoyed our ‘How to Pack Light’ tips + ‘quick snap’ OOTDs! We compiled it all together after I packed hence the lack of accessories but you get the point.

Let us know your tips for packing light. We’d love to hear your take and stay tuned for our Tomorrowland OOTDs! :D

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