[Product Review] Snugg iPhone 5 Pouch Case

[Product Review] Snugg iPhone 5 Pouch Case

I’m always on the lookout for new iPhone cases and while my collection may be quite extensive, I’ve never had a case like the Snugg iphone 5s Pouch CaseIt’s durable, colourful and functional — perfect for days or nights when you don’t need to take out your phone as often.

Snugg iPhone 5s Package

What I Like

  • Quality — For the price of the case, the quality is quite high. I love the snug fit and the interior is also super soft so your phone won’t get scratched.
  • Extra Storage — There’s one card slot available which I love to use when I’m going out and I don’t want to carry so much. I’m the kind of girl that likes to carry slim wallet cases as opposed to the normal clutch or bifold types so having that extra slot on my case means my ID is even more accessible than before!
  • Magnetic Tab — The tab connects to a strong elastic strap that you can pull to pop your iPhone out of the pouch — because of the snug fit, I find this to be quite the ingenious idea. It’s easy to use and thanks to the magnet inside the tab, it stays in one place.

Snugg iPhone 5S Case - iPhone

Another pro that I think is worth mentioning is the sound from the iPhone isn’t compromised once it’s inside. While some pouch cases tend to muffle the sound, the Snugg doesn’t have this problem thanks to the “sound holes” at the bottom of the case. :D If you’re constantly checking your phone, this case may not be the perfect fit for you. However, if you’re clumsy like me, this case will definitely keep your phone intact and safe! 

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