[Photos + Review] Armin Van Buuren @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre | Armin Only: Intense

[Photos + Review] Armin Van Buuren @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre | Armin Only: Intense

Legend. A good word to describe Armin Van Buuren. Thats the feeling you get from the crowd – as it seems everyone in attendance is there to worship AvB! On tour as Armin Only: Intense, he brought his tour to Toronto on April 19th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Armin Van Buuren - Armin Only: Intense - Toronto

Going into the show, I knew I was interested as I read previously about the production value. As an avid concert goer though, this production rivalled any of the current touring pop productions I’ve seen! I didn’t think I would be AS impressed as I was. I’m not the biggest trance fan, but I need to give credit where credit is due. Armin put on a show that I don’t think half of the people in the audience were prepared for. Effects ranging from trampolines to raising platforms, snow, confetti, and falling beach balls…bringing with him a full band and various vocalist (including Trevor Guthrie singing ‘This Is What It Feels Like’).

Armin Van Buuren - 2014 - Toronto

Playing for a full 5 hours, there was enough style change in his set to please everyone. My personal favourite was Ping Pong. Accompanying cool in sync visuals and falling yellow smiley face “ping pong” balls was a nice touch as well!

Kudos to Electronic Nation for executing this event at a venue not previously used for concerts. The line seemed to move fairly well, and there was enough organization inside the venue to make everything run smoothly.

I’m definitely glad I went.

[Photos by: Marc Levy]

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