Keeping Fit with my Tablet | Intel Tablet Crew Series

Keeping Fit with my Tablet | Intel Tablet Crew Series

In the midst of a terribly long Toronto winter (seriously, it’s mid-March and we’re still getting snow), I’ve been itching to get back outside and on the bicycle. As much as I like using my condo gym’s indoor bike to keep fit, my workout can get BORING. Thoughts of cycling stationary while staring endlessly out the window at my neighbours’ dogs going poop come to mind.

dog poop in snow

My co-worker recently recommended I try out these Indoor Cycling Trainer videos he found on YouTube. At first I thought it sounded a little dorky – imagining a video of spandex shorts and Richard Simmons telling me to squeeze my buns… But heck, something needed to be done to spark my enthusiasm, so I gave it a shot!

I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised with my experience. It gave me a perfect chance to use my ever so useful Intel Tablet for the task.

Intel Tablet Workout

How It Works

Basically, Indoor Cycling Trainer videos are filmed by people using a GoPro type camera as they complete a bike ride. Afterwards, they transform the video into a training tool where you can ride along with them while meeting distance and difficulty goals.

Checkout the ’45 Minute Indoor Trainer’ video by CTXCvideos

Indoor Cycling Training Video

There are a number of videos on YouTube you can find – including some that take you through the streets of other countries. It’s not exactly like the real thing, but it sure does spruce up my workout now!

Admittedly, I’m not really into the music people choose for these videos so I just mute it and play my own on my iPod. Currently I’m listening to the below :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick post – happy workout!



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For more info on Intel Tablets – see HERE 

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I can imagine these videos on a big screen tv would be awesome. Thanks for the workout tip!

I would just watch Netflix instead lol. #lazy


Love CTXCVideos!

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