‘Moustaches are still Magic’ | Movember 2013 – Week 2

‘Moustaches are still Magic’ | Movember 2013 – Week 2

Week Two!

…and something is starting to happen!  After hours of intense mental concentration and a little black magic, I was able to start shading in my upper lip. I admit there’s still a very long way to go but think I’m getting the hang of it.

Key Mustachio Tip:

Permanent Marker or, as the Fiancée suggests, eyeliner! Although I don’t have to use the marker yet, my real fear is looking like Pai Mei once my blonde  whiskers start coming in full force. This year, I’m seeing a lot more Mo-Bro’s around the office with their own teams and even more Mo’s on the streets of Toronto… Great moustaches guys!!! Learn more about the Movemeber cause and reasons why men and boys are attempting to grow worldly ‘staches of their own by visiting the Movember Canada site.

Famous Moustache Icons (without their stache):

Mens Health and moustaches are important! If you don’t agree, check out how these famous mustache icons would look without their trade mark mo’s:


My Leo DiCaprio Motivation:


My Week Two Mustachio:


 As you can see, I’m trying really hard! Both you and I might look good with a stache but we”ll never compare to this awesome guy who wins at Movember! He’s rocking 2x the stache and beard! What hair product do you think he uses to style his ‘mo? I’m curious…

Man wins at Movember, and takes all

Moustche Celebration Time!! Oppa Pony Style!



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