‘Moustaches are Magic’ | Movember 2013 – Week 1

‘Moustaches are Magic’ | Movember 2013 – Week 1

It’s that time of year when temperatures drop and staying warm seems to be the eternal quest for all. My fiancée will be hibernating under a blanket for the next 5 months. However, my way to fend off the cold just so happens to be for a great cause as well – Movember is officially back and I’m ready to show my support! To learn more about the cause and reasons why men and boys are attempting to grow worldly ‘staches of their own, visit Movember Canada.

Famous Moustache Icons:

Mens Health and moustaches are important! If you don’t agree, check out how these famous mustache icons would look without their trade mark mo’s:


The DiCaprio Motivation

For this year’s look, I’m turning to the cinemas and channeling one of my favourite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, for some moustache inspiration.


The Goal


The Mo So Far a.k.a My Progress 


For fun, Break.com has put together a compilation of the worst moustaches in movies. Check it out below:



…and don’t forget:




Check out last year’s Moustache Adventures:

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Great goals! All the best in achieving them. I was thinikng about the veggie idea too, but my partner is a massive meat eater so that will be a tough one. He already eats healthy meat meals with me, so I think cutting out meat completely won’t be very welcome in his eyes. Nevertheless I try and have a few fish meals a week, and am experimenting with a complete veggie meal here and there. Do you have any suggestions on tasty veggie dishes? Betty x

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