Samsung GALAXY Camera Review | A Blogger’s POV

Samsung GALAXY Camera Review | A Blogger’s POV

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been totting around the ultra crisp, white Samsung GALAXY Camera and let me tell you – this babe has been quite the showstopper!! I can’t even begin to tell you how many people complimented on how pretty the camera is. I think I may have just found myself a new wing woman!!

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Seriously though, with cellphones becoming the new point and shoots, who really needs a “real” camera nowadays, right? Well, the GALAXY camera is intuitive and innovative – it’s a camera/cellphone hybrid. Fully loaded with 4G connectivity capabilities and the Android operating system, this beauty is a supermodel with the mind of an engineer. Did I mention it follows voice commands as well? Pretty cool, if you ask me!!

Samsung GALAXY Camera - Screen

As a blogger, I’m always running around trying to capture daily moments or snippets of happenings like concerts and TIFF. Although the GALAXY can’t replace the love I have for my DSLR, it is a contender. One of the pitfalls for me was the lack of physical buttons except for the zoom toggle, power button, shutter & manual flash. Can you imagine trying to set aperture or shutter priority and white balance on a touch screen in full manual mode? It takes a bit of playing around but definitely not as easy as you would think. However, the automatic and SMART modes are great if you don’t want to fiddle with the manual function. There are 15 SMART modes available so one of them will bound to be the one you’re looking for.

My favourite functions on the camera included the ability to upload photos onto Instagram instantly as well as email or tweet. I also enjoyed being able to add image effects and decorate my photos with cute stickers just like I would on my cellphone. Check out my cute embellished photo below :)

Samsung Galaxy Camera - Fun

Overall, I’m satisfied. The GALAXY camera is great if you don’t have a smartphone but like to instantly upload your photos onto social media platforms and cloud storage (available with a data plan). However, like most technology, the first model of its kind will always have its quirks such as the 30s start up… but I’m definitely looking forward to the next model up!

Check out some more shots I took with the Samsung GALAXY Camera below!

Concert Shot - ZEDD at Sound Academy - Samsung GALAXY Camera

Concert Shot – ZEDD at Sound Academy

Macro Shot - Samsung GALAXY Camera

Macro Shot – Samsung GALAXY Camera

Samsung GALAXY Camera - Photo Effects

Samsung GALAXY Camera – Photo Effects



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