Fuel For Summer Festivals | Simply Choices Protein Snacks

Fuel For Summer Festivals | Simply Choices Protein Snacks

Summer’s all about the festivals and If you’ve recently gone to a music festival like VELD, Digital Dreams or Edgefest, you’ll know that jumping and fist pumping to the beats of your favourite tunes takes up a lot of energy. Ain’t nobody got time to slow down when you’re about to take in the music, right?


Some of our friends at Wellness Foods knew that we suffered from this problem quite frequently and offered to let us try their new Simply Choices Protein Bars and Protein Chips. I’m always on the go so I love that these snacks are super portable and easy to toss into my bag. Generally protein fills you up longer than fiber and fat so you can even scarf these protein packed babies down while waiting in line. Might as well fuel up while you’re waiting so you can crowd surf for longer!

The SimplyBar:


I’m a huge fan of granola bars so you can only imagine how excited I was to try these rice crispy squares. They were a bit dry for my taste but I did enjoy eating the Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bar with my almond milk post yoga. These are also great if you’re gluten-free or vegan.

Verdict: I generally don’t like eating gluten free food but these bars didn’t taste gluten free at all. My favourite flavours are hands down, the Peanut Butter Chocolate and the Cocoa Coffee!

Simply Protein Chips:


Sometimes, I get these super intense cravings for chips but I always feel so guilty after gorging a bag. It’s hard to fight the cravings you know but the Chili flavoured Simply Protein Chips are my new favourite snack. The bag is filled with just the right amount of chip to curb any savoury craving I might be having that day. Yummy chips without the calories are always a huge win in my books.

Verdict: I loved that these chips were packed with a lot of flavour. They were a little too salty for my liking but from a festival-goer standpoint, the extra electrolytes will eventually need to be replenished so that’s okay! My favourite is the Chili flavour. :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll be back with another food review in no time! Until then, happy jamming!

For more info on Simply Choices products – visit wellnessfoods.ca


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