Interview: Heathers – Humble Beginnings, Canada and Poutine

Interview: Heathers – Humble Beginnings, Canada and Poutine

Irish twin sisters, Ellie and Louise Macnamara, make up the band Heathers. With the initial success of their latest single, ‘Forget Me Knots’, the indie-pop duo (with sounds similar to Tegan and Sara) are increasingly being sought after for their talent and writing credentials. In fact, the girls are currently working on collaborations with David Guetta and Cee Lo Green! Looking to extend their footprint on Canadian soil, the girls will be visiting our home and native land this month for their second time ever.

Check out our interview with Heathers below where we talk about their humble beginnings, upcoming shows in Canada, and love for Poutine.

Ellie and Louise Macnamara of Heathers

Ellie and Louise Macnamara of Heathers

So you’re coming back to Toronto! That’s exciting, what do you like most about our city?

Yes! We’re so delighted to be coming back. We love the Toronto people, Queen St and definitely the Poutine! Last time we visited we actually took a Trolley Tour and got to hear about the whole history of your city. It was really interesting, and seeing as we invited lots of Heathers fans to come with us – it was serious fun too :)

I saw you made a cooking video on YouTube about Poutine. It’s one of our favourite Canadian comfort foods (my family actually owns a Poutine food truck)! Delicious and addictive isn’t it?

Absolutely! We were told about it on arrival in Toronto and got to experience it on our last night there and it was just incredible. We are both extremely jealous of your family and their Poutine truck!!!

Since you’re fairly new to Canadian listeners – tell me about how you guys got your start.

We started Heathers in 2007 when we were 17. We grew up going to gigs as teenagers and all of our friends were in bands so it felt really natural to try it ourselves. Louise learned to play the guitar and we wrote a few songs together. It was nothing serious initially but people seemed to like it and all of a sudden we were playing gigs and touring all over the place. We wrote and released our first album ‘Here, Not There’ in 2008 and toured all over the USA two summers in a row, and in 2010 one of the songs off the album; titled ‘Remember When’ was picked up by the Irish Tourism Board for the most expensive ad campaign they ever undertook. It ran on TV for 3 years and was a massive boost for us. We wrote and recorded our second album ‘Kingdom’ in January 2012 and are releasing it territory by territory at the moment, so its all go!

Who are the favourite bands/singers you guys like listening to?

We listen to so many different types of music. At the moment, we’ve been listening to a lot of Haim, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Sufjan Stevens and Tegan and Sara.

Can you tell me about what inspired you to write ‘Forget Me Knots’? It’s a great listen as a morning ‘pick-me-up’.

Glad you like it! ‘Forget Me Knots’ is a really important song to us. We wrote it for a friend of ours who took her own life a few years ago. But it’s a very hopeful, upbeat song and the message is really in the chorus of the song… “It’s alright not to feel OK”. It’s probably our favourite song on the album. And its great that people all over the world seem to be connecting with it.

What’s up with this exciting news I’ve been hearing that you guys are collaborating with David Guetta and Cee-Lo Green?

Well, we have a publishing deal with Universal Publishing and one of the benefits to that is that we get the opportunity to write for other artists. With David Guetta, he actually watched the video for ‘Forget Me Knots’ on a US blog and reached out through his management to see if we would be interested in writing for him! It’s really great as it allows us to try our hand at writing different types of music. We do a lot of writing for other artists in our spare time.

What’s that big thing you want listeners to know about you?

We’re terrified of spiders, not so terrified (at all) of cats, our favourite food is burritos, we prefer aisle seats on airplanes and we’re twins.

Have plans for more Canadian stops in the near future?

Yes! We’re back in Canada next week which we cannot wait for! We’re going to be playing in Rivoli (Toronto) on the 25thof June, Montreal (O Patro Vys) on the 26th and Ottawa (Café Dekcuf) on the 27th. It’s going to be our first time playing in Canada with our full band set up so we’re very excited!

Last question – Can you add a caption to this photo?

Dinosaur Arm Hugs

“All you need is HUGS” (all you need is love)

Watch the music video for ‘Forget Me Knots’

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