Costumes, Costumes, Costumes @ Anime North 2013

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes @ Anime North 2013

If you were passing by Toronto Congress Centre last weekend, you more than likely saw the throng of colourful costumes crossing the street, taking up the lawns and filling up all the seats at the local Tim Hortons. Once a year, Anime North brings out that side of Toronto we don’t get to see very often. Fans of Japanese pop culture and media show off their love of the genre in what I can only describe as Halloween on super-duper-power-level-over-9000 steroids.

We brought our cameras and made sure to capture the moment.

Enjoy our photos of Anime North 2013!

[More photos on Facebook]

Anime North 2013 - Mass Effect

Anime North 2013 - Girl Cosplay     Anime North 2013 - Lara Croft

Anime North 2013 - Playboy Bunny

Anime North 2013 - Mario and Luigi

Anime North 2013 - Princess Mononoke

Anime North 2013 - Naruto Sakura

Anime North 2013 - Cute Japanese Girl     Anime North 2013 - Naruto Nine Tails

Anime North 2013 - Cosplay in Blue     Anime North 2013 - One Piece

Anime North 2013 - The Watchmen

Anime North 2013 - Sachie Rae     Anime North 2013 - Police Girl

Anime North 2013 - FF7 Cloud

Anime North 2013 - Naruto Cosplay

Anime North 2013 - Disney Princess

Anime North 2013 - One Piece Luffy

Anime North 2013 - One Piece Girl Cosplay     Anime North 2013 - Pokemon Misty Cosplay

Anime North 2013 - Trigun Cosplay

Anime North 2013 - Bleach Cosplay

Anime North 2013 - Jack - Nightmare Before Christmas     Anime North 2013 - Kakashi - Naruto - Cosplay

Anime North 2013 - One Piece Cosplayers

More photos on Facebook



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