5 Things Peter Brown Missed While Living in the BBCAN House | Big Brother Canada

5 Things Peter Brown Missed While Living in the BBCAN House | Big Brother Canada

So that was a pretty wild finale eh?

[Spoiler Alert] The first season of Big Brother Canada is finally over with an ending both controversial and unseen in Canadian reality TV. Jillian MacLaughlin will be taking home the cash while Gary Levy will be taking home the hearts (and glitter). Congrats to them both – the inaugural season was awesome.

A little while back we introduced you to our close friend and favourite contestant on the show, Peter Brown – with Facts You Didn’t Know About Him.

Chris and I had a chance to attend the taping for the BBCAN reunion special (airing May 8) and stay to catch up with ol’ Pete. We also thought it would be best to take it upon ourselves to reintroduce him back into society after spending months in the BBCAN and Jury house.

After bidding farewell to his loved and hated former HouseGuests, we grabbed Peter and spent the weekend downloading him on the latest pro wrestling news, North Korean missiles and Kim Kardashian illegitimate pregnancy. We also caught a Jay’s game… sort of. We were lucky if we even saw a pitch around all the Toronto fangirls scraping for Peter. So happy to see our buddy get the recognition he deserves!

So what is next for Peter now that he is such a familiar face? Clearly crashing overnight on Chris’ couch is the first thing…

Peter Brown - Big Brother Canada

Makin’ progress eh bud?

Whatever our Web Curator friend gets up to we’re sure it will be awesome. Jokes aside, we will be auctioning off the pillow he used and some hair samples to any enthusiastic fangirls out there… Tongue Out

We got to talk a lot about what it was like living in the house and were able to come up with the following list.

Check out the 5 things Peter Brown missed while living in the BBCAN house:

1. Google

Pete and the rest of the contestants were quick to realize that not having the internet was terrible when you had an argument you wanted to settle with verity. Because of this, they all made a rule that if two or more people agreed on something, it was FACT. Done.

2. Batman

Our buddy is a big movie buff. And Batman is f*%#ing awesome.

3. Wrestling

Can’t live without the Smackdown.

4. Fresh air

At times, the heat became unbearable in the house. Nothing but hot artificial lights.

5. Porn

No comment.


Thanks Peter, you gave us a lot to think about! For fun, maybe I’ll try out for next season.

Follow his YouTube channel: Parker Jakobowhitz 



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sigh what could have been. you were my fav peter. wish you and topaz had talked some more. why didn’t alec get you both together before he left?

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