The Dreaming Tree | Wines by Steve Reeder & Dave Matthews

The Dreaming Tree | Wines by Steve Reeder & Dave Matthews

A few days ago, the DRex team got a special invite to celebrate the Ontario launch of The Dreaming Tree wine collection. We were all pretty excited to jump on this event for one particular reason – The California born collection is a collaboration effort between world renown winemaker, Steve Reeder and an all time favourite musician of mine, Dave Matthews. Both founders describe their wine venture with a unique story that evokes their mutual love for the drink and taps into their expressive creativity.

Appropriately named after ‘The Dreaming Tree’ song by Dave Matthews Band – the wine boasts a sweet rhythm of sustainability and earthy tones.

Dreaming Tree Wine

At the launch, we had a chance to try all four of the brand’s wines (‘Crush’ red blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and ‘Everyday’ white blend) alongside one of the brand’s winemakers, Sean McKenzie. He talked about his art of blending flavours and finding the right portions to bring them together. The New Zealand born expert has the lucky job of working alongside Reeder and Matthews to make approachable wines that suit the founders’ tastes.

Dreaming Tree Wine Tasting - Toronto

Let’s not forget about the packaging. All Dreaming Tree bottles and labels come from sustainable sources with an added flair – each cork has lyrics from ‘The Dreaming Tree’ song printed on them.

Out of all the writers on this site, I’m definitely the bigger wine enthusiast. So, being the dedicated music blogger makes it fitting I get to talk about this brand. In a lot of ways, music and wine go hand-in-hand. Like when Dave Matthews writes his music – it’s an experience that takes his personal interpretations and turns them into a product for everyone to enjoy.

Personally, I enjoyed the 2010 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon the best. Described as having supple fruit flavours with herbs, blackberries, cherries and spicy notes – It had a balanced taste much like a well composed guitar riff.

For those looking for something more sweet, the ‘Crush’ Red Blend is the brand’s most popular bottle and only Dreaming Tree wine currently available for purchase in Ontario LCBOs.

Overall, I’m really thankful to have discovered this brand. Just what I need to spark my excitement over the upcoming Dave Matthews Band concert in Toronto (May 28, 2013 @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre)!


For more information and full tasting notes on The Dreaming Tree wines – visit

Also check out The Dreaming Tree YouTube Channel for video commentary on the wine from Dave Matthews and Steve Reeder.

Dreaming Tree Wine - Crush Red Blend

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