Psy Drops His New Music Video – ‘Gentleman’

Psy Drops His New Music Video – ‘Gentleman’

New dance, more sexy ladies and as viral as ever.

Psy 싸이 and Ga-In 가인

A few days ago, South Korean pop star Psy, released his latest music video ‘Gentleman’. Being the successor to his last hit, ‘Gangnam Style’ – it has big shoes to fill. Psy has often said in interviews that he could never expect to outdo the success his previous single garnered.

Psy 싸이 - Gentleman - Dancing

He’s right, he’ll probably never surpass his last act, however after only 3 days, ‘Gentleman’ has raked in over 90 million YouTube views. His worldwide fame is apparent and we can expect to see Psy in the charts for quite some time.

Ga-In (가인) - Psy - Gentleman

So what do you guys think of the new video? It features a new lead girl (her name is Ga-In if you’re curious) and a lot of the antics reminiscent of ‘Gangnam Style’. I don’t think his new dance is that catchy but call me out on it if you see your grandma doing it at your wedding. Overall, I actually think this video is even more ridiculous than his last (if that was even possible). Good luck trying to make a parody of this one!

Download ‘Gentleman’ on iTunes

Check out the video below!


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