[Video] Create Beats Using Music Maker Jam for Windows 8 | Intel Tablet Crew Series

[Video] Create Beats Using Music Maker Jam for Windows 8 | Intel Tablet Crew Series

Here we go! Another addition to my Intel Tablet Crew Series.

Being the music geek that I am, the first thing I did when un-boxing my Samsung ATIV 500T tablet was to check out its music features and apps. To my surprise, aside from regular media playback programs, my tablet came with this fantastic free app called Music Maker Jam (made by MAGIX).

Music Maker Jam for Windows 8

What is Music Maker Jam? It’s an easy to use  music production metro app for Windows 8. Its main function is to help you create and customize your own tracks using built in sound samples and beats. In this Electronic Dance age, who doesn’t want to become a DJ?

I know… my life dream of becoming a world travelling EDM superstar is probably over. But I can still imagine, pretend and fantasize in my own Tomorrowland.

In short – the app lets you set the tempo and melodic progression of professionally produced sound loops. You play them and control their volume, pitch, and effect. A few music style sound packs (dubstep, tech house, rock, jazz) come free with the app while many more are available to purchase and download.

Overall, Music Maker Jam is pretty slick and offers something I didn’t expect from my tablet. Powered by an Intel Atom Processor, this portable device is proving to have many unique surprises.


I put together a quick jam session video below:


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3 Responses


Cool app, thx!


Is this only for win 8?


@james Hi James, this app is indeed only for win 8. Worth checking out!

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