Using Photoshop on a Samsung ATIV 500T | Intel Tablet Crew Series

Using Photoshop on a Samsung ATIV 500T | Intel Tablet Crew Series

Hey readers! Here is the second post in my Intel Tablet Crew Series.

A lot of you have expressed interest in seeing a quick tutorial on how I use my Samsung ATIV 500T tablet with Photoshop.

Over the past few weeks since getting the tablet, I’ve really started loving it. Not only because it’s super portable, but also because it runs full Windows 8. It’s 1/3 the size of my laptop too… ah the power of an Intel Atom Processor.

On paper, the specs of my tablet aren’t the most ideal for running a heavy Photoshop workflow. After lots of trial however, I’m actually really satisfied with the edits I can get out of it. In fact, after a few tweaks in my habits my photos are coming out on par to those I edit on my laptop. This is great since I now have been bringing my tablet around steady and leaving the heavier alternative at home.

Intel Tablet - Samsung ATIV 500T - S-Pen

Aside from its size, the tablet has another aspect that makes it a stellar choice for my type of work – the S-Pen. The fact that I can detail edits right on the screen is a huge advantage.

Not too long ago, I covered the Silverstein concert when they came to Toronto. Below is one of my favourite shots – edited on my tablet. This only took me 10 minutes.

Silverstein Photo


Here’s my Photoshop CS6 workflow in case you’re curious: 


1. Ran DFINE NIK Plugin for Photoshop to reduce noise (grainyness) as much as possible

If you don’t have DFINE, running the built-in ‘Noise Reduction’ function in CS6 works well too.

Photoshop DFINE 2.0 - NIK Software


2. Adjusted black, grey, white levels

Intel Tablet - Samsung ATIV - Photoshop - Levels


3. Used ‘Spot Healing Brush’ and dabbed out any free-floating specs in the image

When you’re in a grungy concert hall, there’s a lot of dust flying through the air at any given time.

Intel Tablets - Samsung ATIV - Photoshop - Spot Healing


4. Ran Sharpener Pro NIK Plugin for Photophop

If you don’t have this plugin, using the built-in ‘Sharpen’ tools works fine too. Brush areas you want sharpened to accent/stand out. Here, the S-Pen comes in really handy.

Intel Tablet - Samsung ATIV - NIK Sharpener Pro - S-Pen


5. Used colour adjust to give it a yellow tint that I thought suited the vibe of the photo

Intel Tablets - Samsung ATIV - Colour Adjust - Photoshop


Voila! Stay tuned for my next Intel Tablet post – where I’ll cover a really fun music app that came with my device. Cheers!


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6 Responses


Thanks for the tutorial! :)


@Liz Glad you like it!

I use a similar process on my photos. Not live music but landscapes. Super quick and easy. I have an Acer Iconia tablet and it’s very convenient when I’m out at the cottage.


Great tutorial super eazy! What camera do you shoot with?


@LolaP Canon 7D, my bread and butter :)


ive also got the samsung ativ 500 and being thinking to install my photoshop on it but was abit worried as to how it would run… any suggestions on installing photoshop cs 5

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