My Thoughts on #YOLO

My Thoughts on #YOLO

Having the privilege to troll the internet day in and day out has truly allowed me to appreciate all of its wonderful sites, creations and talents. One of the best places of view some good entertainment is YouTube. I can’t tell you how many hours, I’ve spent watching videos of talented folks having fun or showing off their Parkour skills.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, YOLO happened.

YOLO - Drake

How did it start?

It’s up for debate, but Toronto’s very own Drake thinks he has the rights to it – being quoted using the phrase “You Only Live Once” (YOLO). Read the story here. Many rappers and suburban kids have since used the phrase, out of context, as a way to express doing something stupid that will result in you getting hurt and most likely, hurting someone else.


Should we hate #YOLO?

Just to clarify, I don’t hate the idea of “You Only Live Once”. In fact, I think it’s a good mental concept that everyone should consider and lament upon at least once in their lives. However, does shouting “YOLO” before performing a dangerous stunt like jumping off something that is way too high or moving way too fast justify the consequences? I guess it was only a matter of time before these people needed a catch phrase to accompany their Jackass stunts.

A good place to start hating the misunderstood YOLO would be with Ervin McKinness, a 21 year old aspiring rapper. Minutes before he and four other people were killed a car crash, he tweeted about driving drunk at 120 mph while quoting “#YOLO” (link here).


Why I started to hate #YOLO?

I was watching some fail compilations and started to hear people shout “YOLO” before “failing” which made me question if these are even legit fails?? By shouting “YOLO”, you pretty much know that there is little chance for any outcome other than a fail.

Then my girlfriend started mockingly saying it. *glares at girlfriend*

However, what enraged me the most was when I started hearing it in the subways and from younger kids who were shouting it for no real reason.

To all those kids, please heed the wise advice from The Lonely Island, Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar in this video:


I have a feeling that this fad will eventually die down and disappear like horrible Jersey Shore quotes.





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