Introducing My Samsung ATIV Smart PC | Intel Tablet Crew Series

Introducing My Samsung ATIV Smart PC | Intel Tablet Crew Series

Not too long ago I received an invite to become part of Intel’s Tablet Crew – and as a perk, I was sent a brand new Samsung ATIV Smart PC!

You all most likely know someone with a tablet or have one yourself. From my own observations, the number of coworkers in my office who carry tablets into meetings would put Dunder Mifflin Paper out of business.

Tablets vs. Paper

To be honest, I had always held off on getting a tablet even though my friends would rave about them. Tablet functionality just looked too limiting for my needs. As a power user, I need the full customization and speed of a laptop. As you may have noticed from browsing this site… I blog (often on-the-go). Whether I’m word processing or editing concert photos in Photoshop, I need something that offers all the essential tools to keep this orange dinosaur from going extinct.

Samsung ATIV 500T - Intel Tablet Crew

Now enter the Samsung ATIV – an Intel Atom processor powered tablet that runs full Windows 8. Without going all geek speak on you, this is basically the gadget I’ve been waiting for. It’s a hybrid between a tablet and PC that gives me the best of both worlds. To see its full specs, go here.

I’ve only had the tablet for about a week now but so far I’m really impressed! The device is silent, light and has been turning heads in the office. Just last weekend I decided to take it for a serious test run and bring it with me while I took the train to Ottawa. Aside from a slight learning curve, it’s proving its worth.

This post is the first of a series of articles I’ll be writing to document my usage with the device. What are some of the things I’m looking to get out of my Intel Tablet? Here’s a preview:

1. Blogging On-the-Go

  • I spend a fair amount of time travelling. I’m hoping I can replace my heavy laptop with the more portable tablet.

2. Photo Editing in a Pinch

  • Although the specs on the Samsung ATIV aren’t ideal for Photoshopping photos with a heavy workflow – initial tests show it’s great for making quick and easy edits. The photos in this concert post were all done on my tablet. Stay tuned for a tutorial!

3. Convenient Apps / Social Media

  • It’s all about the apps. Something great about Windows 8 is its social media integration and app store. More on this later.

4. Entertainment

  • I’m a firm believer that tablets should be for both work and play. Night in with Netflix? House Dance Party? Let’s have some fun with this one.

5. Customization

  • One thing everyone loves is customizing their gadgets with cases, screen protectors and other accessories. Who’s up for “Pimp my Tablet”?

Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates on what new uses I find for my Intel Tablet.


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Interesting. I didn’t know you could put photoshop on these. Might be useful for emergency edit jobs.


I just picked up the Surface Pro… too many tablets on the market.


@Dennis – Full disclosure: I work for Intel. I too have the same tablet Chris referenced and the beauty of running full Windows 8 comes full compatibility. You can run all of your favorite desktop apps and software on these devices. Good for fun/work! I do agree with Chris’ assessment that Photoshop usage is more light editing than heavy workload. That said, @JJ won’t have an issue at all. The Surface Pro Tablet has a Core i5 (that’s in my laptop that I run the full Adobe Creative Suite with). #IntelTablets


@Scott Thanks for the feedback! I’m a big fan of the fact that Intel Tablets offer Windows 8 versatility. Will post more on the applications to lifestyle I find in the coming weeks :)


I’m a fan of windows 8 and having it on a tablet would be so ideal. I friend just picked up an iPad and I actually don’t like it very much. Perhaaps i will check out oneo f these.


Are you running Adobe CS6?


@Julie yup, cs6

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