2013 Canadian International Autoshow | Photos and Recap

2013 Canadian International Autoshow | Photos and Recap

Like clockwork, Torontonians flock to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre every February for one of the biggest trade shows in Canada: The Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS).  The D-Rex team braved the masses this past weekend to check out the action.

Jaguar - 2013 Canadian International Autoshow (CIAS)

If you haven’t been to the CIAS, you really need to add it to your repertoire of wintery weekend outings.  The organizers of the show have done a good job at including content & activities that cater to a wide audience.   Aside from the standard auto manufacturer displays, there is always an abundance of vendors, contests, and activities in which guests can partake.

Forza - 2013 Canadian International Autoshow (CIAS)

To take in the whole show, be prepared to walk.  And walk.  And walk.  After hours of wandering through seemingly endless displays, we suggest creating a few games to keep the troops’ spirits high.  A favourite of ours involves the child safety locks installed on rear passenger doors.  You see, these locks are designed to keep children safe in the rear of a car by disabling the door handle, preventing kids from opening the door / jumping from a moving vehicle / certain death.  The object of the game is to see how many people, friends or strangers, you can trap in cars on the show floor.  In our efforts, we found the most efficient method of trapping unsuspecting passerby was to sit in the back seat, step out of the car saying something like “WOW, I didn’t realize it had such a nice/big/fancy back seat”, followed by a smooth ‘click’ of the child lock switch as you rise to your feet.  After a curious onlooker sits down to confirm your claims of superior backseatedness, you merely close the door and enjoy the ensuing confusion. :D

2013 Canadian International Autoshow (CIAS)

One of the most popular features of the show is the Auto Exotica section, where rare and exotic cars, new and old, are on display side-by-side.  Show-goers are given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pore over machines so priceless and fantastic that few words can describe the emotions it stirs within even the faintest of gearhead.  My personal favourite from this year’s display, and ultimately from the entire show, was the Ferrari F40, as pictured below.

Ferrari F40 - 2013 Canadian International Autshow (CIAS)

Unfortunately this year’s show has ended, but the CIAS website has a handy countdown to keep track of days remaining before next year’s show.  Only 352 days to go!


More pics below!

BMW i8 Concept

Ferrari F40

Toyota Fun Vii

Toronto Batman

Volkswagon Smartcar

2013 CIAS

Mercedes Virtual Reality


Ford Mustang Shelby

Ferrari Racer

CIAS 2013

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