Hitting the Slopes: What to Wear | Ski & Snowboard Fashion

Hitting the Slopes: What to Wear | Ski & Snowboard Fashion

It’s winter and that means it’s time to hit the slopes! Whether you decide to ride fakie, freestyle or freeride down the hill, you should definitely plan to dress your best. As a boarder myself, I know that I need to bring my warmest and brightest gear with me wherever I go. After all, you never know when someone might be looking at you from the lift or at the base!

But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to look at what fashion choices others have made? In a sport where you’re entire face and body is covered, your jacket, goggles, snow pants and boards are all you can rely on to express yourself. So before you head out, make sure you pack everything you need to make the best of impressions.

All that aside, let me remind you that nobody likes a poser so at least try to show some skill on the hills.

Here are some of my favourite pieces for this boarding season (this can also apply for skiers too!):

Base Layer

It’s important to dress warm without being too bulky — the last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable at 3250 feet. Investing in some nice base layers will make your ride infinitely more enjoyable. Trust me.

Ski and Snowboard Style Guide - Base Layers - Helly Hansen - Burton



I have a ton of snowboarding jackets hanging in my closet and I wish I could say that I reuse them every year but as styles come and go – oh and Boxing Day sales – I can’t help but want to change it up a little. Something I always keep in mind when buying a jacket is the waterproof ability. Regardless of whether or not you’re prone to falling, waterproof jackets are definitely useful against heavy snowfall.

Ski and Snowboard Style Guide - Jackets - Redwood - Raven - Burton



My first pair of snow pants were a little bulky and I always envied the people who rocked slim fitting or loose fitting pants. In my haste to buy snow pants that matched my jacket, I did not shop enough! So, pick wisely and choose something you’ll know you’ll want to wear for years to come. Good pants can run a bit on the expensive side but if you can wear it for many seasons, it’ll be worth the investment.

Ski and Snowboard Style Guide - Women's Snow Pants

Ski and Snowboard Style Guide - Men's Snow Pants - Burton



My favourite pair of goggles are made by Oakley and it’s not because I’m a brand whore. Finding the perfect goggles with the perfect fit is like finding the perfect pair of jeans – impossible! With my Asian face, I need something with a little more padding! Oakley makes a huge range of “Asian Fit” goggles that are perfect for those of us who lack high nose bridges. Don’t worry they have regular goggles as well. In addition, the amount of selection and the price range of their goggles make them affordable for any boarder. With features like anti-fog and extra wide lenses, who could say no? Did I mention you even customize your own on their site?

Ski and Snowboard Style Guide - Goggles - Oakley



When it comes down to it, you should find pieces that reflect who you are – even if it’s this ugly dinosaur inspired hat…

Etsy - Dinosaur Hat

So, happy boarding and I hope to see some stellar styles on the hills this year!

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