Movember 2012 | Last Day…’The Layton’ is complete

Movember 2012 | Last Day…’The Layton’ is complete

Karl’s miraculous moustache adventures finally come to end… :(

It’s sad but true - Movember has come and gone.  I had a chance to look back at the poem IF (a Movember Muse) by Rudyard Kipling, and decided to quote some of my own favourite poetry to express my feelings of loss and change.

Then leaf subsides to leaf. 
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay

~Robert Frost

So with that I say my moustache cannot stay – as life goes on, my personal hygiene must continue as well.

It’s been an awesome month of fundraising , events and confused worried looks from people on the TTC. It was all worth it. When I look back at the progress from week’s 1-4, it’s inspiring to everyone get together for a common cause. Be assured we will be back next year for Movember 2013!

Week 1   Week 2   Week 3   Week 4  ??

So here it is… how did I do?

The Goal…



The reality…


Now we are getting somewhere, it looks like I might have to wait a few years for the white whiskers, but aside from the missing middle I feel like it was a success. Also I’m still unsure as to how Jack got his whiskers to fall so straight…

The fate…

I thought for a while if I should continue on with my moustache – but the lady has already expressed her daily struggle at the hands of my lip scarf.

So, I’ve decided to get rid of ‘The Layton’, the only question is – razor or trimmer?


But hey, don’t let me stop you from keeping your Mo! Moustaches are actually in these days and you can groom yourself to suit you style. Check out these tips from Gilette while using their new 3-in-1 styler.

Some of the greatest men throughout history have sported amazing Mo’s. Let’s take some time and bask in their glory.









Well that’s all folks, remember to get regular health check-ups and stay classy. Till’ next year guys!


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