Concert Photos and Highlights | Dispatch @ Sound Academy

Concert Photos and Highlights | Dispatch @ Sound Academy

American indie group, Dispatch, made a stop at Toronto’s Sound Academy over Thanksgiving long weekend (Oct 8).

I actually didn’t think I’d make it to this show due to horrendous traffic heading back from Ottawa on the day of – road rage bursts aside, I made it unscathed!

Dispatch - Sound Academy - Oct 8, 2012

I hadn’t seen the band perform since before their hiatus, which began in 2002. As of 2011, the band has since gotten back together and began touring again. I was quick to pick up their latest studio album as well, Circles Around the Sun.

At Sound Academy, Dispatch gave listeners a good mix of the new and old. You could tell that most people in attendance were veteran fans. Old favourites such as ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Two Coins’ and ‘The General’ had the crowd singing along – while new tracks, ‘Josephine’ and ‘Not Messin’ had the fans raving.

Brad Corrigan - Dispatch - Sound Academy - Oct 8, 2012     Chad Urmston - Dispatch - Sound Academy - Oct 8, 2012

I found myself still gravitating toward the older tracks over the newer. I can barely count the hours I spent in my younger years learning these songs on the guitar.

The latest album and tour shows a renewed energy in the band. Whether I prefer their new stuff vs. old is still yet to be decided. Either way – it’s great to see this talent back in action.

Dispatch - Sound Academy - Oct 8, 2012

Set list for the night:

  1. Passerby 
  2. Time Served 
  3. Circles Around the Sun 
  4. Open Up 
  5. Bang Bang 
  6. Two Coins 
  7. Sign of the Times 
  8. Past the Falls 
  9. Outloud 
  10. Flag 
  11. Carry You 
  12. Flying Horses 
  13. Not Messin’ 
  14. Melon Bend 
  15. The General 
  16. Bats in the Belfry 
  17. Mission 


  1. Josaphine 
  2. Here We Go 
  3. Elias 

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