Concert Review | KISS & Motley Crue @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

Concert Review | KISS & Motley Crue @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

I wanna rock ‘n roll all night, and party everyday! What a great party tune from the ‘over the top” band that is KISS. Finally making its way into Toronto on Sept 13th at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, The Tour – featuring KISS and Motley Crue gave the crowd what they wanted, a night of rock from two legendary bands.

KISS and Motley Crue

Overall I was really satisfied with the concert. I was offered a $20 lawn ticket (later upgraded to the front pit), so I figured at $10 a band I’d be stupid to pass up the opportunity. Given the fact that I was at Madonna the night before, this was sure to be a different vibe. It didn’t disappoint.

First up was Motley Crue. They ran around stage with the vibe that they (were) rock gods, and the crowd couldn’t agree more. There was lots of bang bang pyro, and cliche stripper-esque dancers, but most important there were the hits! It was my first time seeing Motley, and I was surprised how many songs I knew – ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘Dr. Feelgood’, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, and ‘Kickstart My Heart’. The highlight of their show though was Tommy Lee’s ‘roller coaster’ drum solo. Strapped in tight, he played an upside drum solo over EDM beats (think Skrillex, Knife Party, etc). At one point he even brought an audience member for a ride. This was really cool. There are a lot of Youtube videos of this, I suggest checking it out.


Big boots, hair, and makeup – where am I? Obviously, front row at a KISS show! After the Motley break, I got a call for a possible upgrade to the front pit to enjoy the main act. Needless to say I was happy about that. This was my second time seeing KISS, but never so close! It was cool to be right in the action with the rest of the KISS Army. Their songs are very pop-rock, but their production is pyro, glitzy, goth, theatre. They pulled out all the stops that they are known for – Gene spitting blood, Paul riding into the audience to perform at a b-stage, rising stages, confetti shooting into the crowd, etc, etc. Although cheesy at times, and the production totally left field and unrelated to their songs, I enjoyed myself much more than I thought I would. With songs such as ‘Detroit Rock City’, ‘Love Gun’, ‘War Machine’, and ‘Rock n Roll All Night’, how could you not?? KISS Army…sign me up!

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