TO Food Fest – Top Picks

TO Food Fest – Top Picks

And here I eat again…

On July 29th, I was invited by food blogger and occasional D-Rex contributor, Jennifer (from Mokitoki Eats), to help review some tasty chow at the first ever TO Food Fest in Scarborough.

Essentially, I was on a mission that day: ‘Try as many eats as humanly possible… Then hit the gym afterwards to continue looking awesome for the lady friend.”

I successfully achieved the first part of that goal…


This event was really similar to Toronto Underground Market which I covered a couple weeks previously. The event aims to create a unique multicultural gourmet food experience for the Markham/Scarborough community by offering a vehicle for food vendors to showcase their product. I thought the organizers did a really good job for their very first event. I was quite impressed by the turnout. One of the biggest differences I noticed between TO Food Fest and Toronto Underground Market is that the former is more family friendly. Patrons were welcome to bring their kids and even pets along for the day.

Click here to watch a video of organizer, Winston Chiu, talk about his goals for the event (compliments of Jing Films)

Below are my top three food picks from TO Food Fest:

#3: Big Moe’s Burgers

Big Moe's Juicy Lucy Burger

This vendor served slider sized burgers they called the ‘Juicy Lucy’. Known as the Caramilk Bar of burgers, instead of placing the cheese on top of the patty, they stuff it inside – very unique. Note: I waited 45 minutes in line for one small sized burger… I should have ordered two :(

#2: Brazilian Pastel

Brazilian Pastel

I almost want to call this a mix between a spring roll and a Jamaican Patty. Crunchy outer shell with a spicy filling. Not bad at all – it came in chicken, beef or veggie to meet multiple tastes. I had all three!

#1: Kimchi Pulled Pork from Mashi Catering

Mashi Catering Kimchi Pulled Pork

This was my favourite item. It might be because I had pulled pork on the brain from attending the Mississauga Ribfest a couple weeks prior – but this item had an awesome unique taste. The lady friend has always told me that kimchi can literally go with anything. I admit, it really can…

Honourable Mention: Beet Sliders from Backyard Kitchen

Backyard Kitchen Beet Sliders

I loved these things when I tried them at Toronto Underground Market. I was happy to hear they would be catering this event as well. I made sure to eat my fair share while the opportunity presented itself. #nomnomnom

If you get a chance, check out our pal Jennifer’s newly re-launched blog for many great food reviews: Mokitoki Eats

Jennifer from Mokitoki Eats

Jennifer from Mokitoki Eats


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Phennmeoal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

Thank you for featuring my work on your esteemed blog! Even though it’s years later

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