Recap: Jamaica Land We Love Gala

Recap: Jamaica Land We Love Gala

Every now and then D-Rex gets to suit-up and hit the city’s sophisticated scene. This is especially true when we get to attend an event that celebrates a country that has helped shape our city with an array of arts and culture over the years.

Jamaica Land We Love Gala - Dinner

2012 is a huge year for Jamaica as it marks the country’s 50th year of independence. Last Saturday (Aug 11th), Jamaica 50 Celebration Inc. & Jamaican Canadian Association presented the Land We Love Gala. We and 1500 other dinner guests were privileged to have attended a four-course evening filled with presentations and entertainment honoring Canadian-Jamaican achievements. This was quite the celebration as it included a reception, dinner, jubilee and after party.

These types of soirées don’t come around often. The night was hosted by CBC Television’s Dwight Drummond and Anne-Marie Mediwake. Several Canadian ministers got up and spoke including our own Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty.

Anne-Marie Mediwake - Bolt

One thing was for sure – Usain Bolt jokes were everywhere that night! Let’s face it; the proud Jamaican runner is the fastest the world has ever seen and wins Olympic medals like it’s his morning routine. I had a good laugh when McGuinty even made a funny quip about how if Canada could achieve the same Olympic ‘population-to-medal’ ratio as Jamaica, we would have won hundreds. If only that were true… next time Canada! :(

Jamaica Land We Love Gala - Dalton McGuinty

Overall, the night was stacked with great performances by very talented artists. The Jamaican rhythms were non-stop and the crowd was eating it up.

Jamaica Land We Love Gala

We’ve said it a few times now – Toronto is great because of its worldly influences. Never a dull moment when you have so much to celebrate from around the world.

Congratulations to all the gala’s organizers, volunteers and performances. This will be a night Toronto won’t soon forget.

Cheers to Jamaica and its independence. Here’s to a lifetime of world achievement.


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Jamaica 50 Gala in Toronto was not impressive. Decor was poorly arranged, gala was poorly organized, artists performed poorly. Allan Jones sang the Jamaica National Athem fantastically, enthusiastically, and gracioulsly. Well done Allan Jones. Jessica Yip performane was breathtaking but performed too long.


Hah, I totally disagree with the above comment. Please note the gala was run on a volunteer basis. I also thought it as well put together. The stage was shaped like Jamaica too which was well received with many people remarking the decorations as exquisite. I think the above lady might be grumpy about something?

Congratulations to the performers and volunteers. They worked hard and deserve great credit!


haha I love the touch about Usain Bolt

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