Random, Funny and Clever WiFi Network Names

Random, Funny and Clever WiFi Network Names

I was scanning for WiFi signals the other day on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and saw this douzy:

No Free (.Y.)

It got me thinking about some funny, clever and passive aggressive WiFi network names I’ve seen. I’m sure you guys have too.

I thought I’d share some of the one’s I’ve noticed over the last couple weeks:

1. ‘Click here for Identity Theft’

click-here-for-identity-theft Wifi Network name

I like how the above one is still locked, they should leave it open, I would still click on it.

2. ‘Password is Password’

password-is-password WiFi funny network name

This gave us the idea to change the password to the D-Rex FTP site. They’ll never guess ‘Password1‘.

3. ‘Free internet, keep trying’

funny wifi network name free-internet-wifi

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

4. ‘We can all hear you’

We can all hear you

Passive aggressive comments over your WiFi is a healthy way to release built up neighborly tension.

5. ‘SkyNet’

Terminator WiFi skynet.jpg

So this is how it ends… good to know, good to know…

6. ‘Pretty fly for a wifi’

Pretty Fly for a WIFI funny network

If you think these are pretty ‘fly‘, tell us what funny WiFi names you’ve found in the comments section below.


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