Concert Highlights: Our Lady Peace w/ Mother Mother and Said the Whale

Concert Highlights: Our Lady Peace w/ Mother Mother and Said the Whale

Getting a chance to see Our Lady Peace last weekend (Aug 19, at Echo Beach) gave me a wicked sense of nostalgia. The 20-year old alternative rock band has been on my favourite list ever since I picked up their Clumsy album back in 1997 – which to this day, I feel was their best compilation. Speaking of 1997, that was also the year I attended my very first concert. Can you guess who I went to see? OLP of course! If I had a theme song to go by in Grade 8 it would have been “Superman’s Dead”, hands down.

Raine Maida

After the openers (scroll down page to view them), there was an anxious silence as the crowd waited impatiently for the headliner to appear. Frontman Raine Maida came out with a light show that electrified his hometown crowd. I loved seeing this guy perform up close – he was so calm on stage. Maida’s vocals hit their notes effortlessly as a testament to his experience. Such a pro, solid stage presence.

OLP opened with “Rabbits” off their new album Curve. Immediately after, they followed up with big singles: “One Man Army”, “Innocent” and “Superman’s Dead”. The crowd and I got lost in lyrics as we all sang along. Band mates Jeremy Taggart, Duncan Coutts, and Steve Mazur kept the pace running as the show continued to build.

Steve Mazur Raine Maida 2

The set definitely hit its high point when “Clumsy” came on and Maida let the crowd sing the first verse. Pure gold, everyone was into it.

The band ended their night with two encores that included harmonies of “4am” and “Starseed”. I think nostalgia was the feeling that drove the excitement for this night.

Our Lady Peace

Although OLP’s sound has gone through many changes since their early years – they’ll always have a spot on my playlist. They gave me my first concert experience and are the precursor of my lifelong love for music. Nothing will ever change that.

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Download: Our Lady Peace on iTunes



Mother Mother

Mother Mother

The Canadian indie rock band is good at playing to the crowd. This was actually my first time seeing them live. Notable highlight: the band played an awesome cover of Wintersleep’sWeighty Ghost”.

Mother Mother’s new album, The Sticks releases September 18.

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Download: Mother Mother on iTunes


Said the Whale

Said the Whale

Was also my first time seeing these guys play. Some of their songs are more of an acquired taste for me but they opened with “This City’s a Mess” which is actually my favourite song of theirs.

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Download: Said the Whale on iTunes


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