Warped Tour 2012: Festival Highlights

Warped Tour 2012: Festival Highlights

I still remember my teenage years when my buddies and I were in a high school punk rock band. We were called ‘Priority Seating’ – pretty sure I still have a cassette somewhere of the two songs we recorded in my parents’ basement. No, you guys can’t listen to it, however, I guarantee you we sounded amazing… :p

On July 15th, we had the pleasure of covering Warped Tour at The Flats. I’ll be honest; I haven’t attended Warped Tour in ages! Back in the day, I used to be a huge punk rock and ska listener. After moving to Sweden for a time, my musical tastes ended up changing in favour of EDM beats. I traded in my head banging, mosh pitting and crowd surfing habits for low, dirty, fist pumping tracks and drops.

Pierce the Veil

This isn’t to say that I still don’t listen to some of my old favourites now and then. These ‘old favs’ and nostalgia are what brought me to Warped Tour this year. When I heard New Found Glory would be performing, I made my attendance mandatory. Posters of these guys used to plaster my old teenage room.

The lady friend and I arrived at the festival venue early in the afternoon. There was a slight scare when we heard all performances were halted while a heavy rainfall subsided. Everyone was huddled in the Molson Amphitheatre in hopes the rain would clear quickly. Luckily it did and the show continued. Rain isn’t going to scare the kids away these days. Getting wet and dirty is half the fun!

crowd surf

Overall, all the bands we saw had great performances. I’ve said it before – 90% of a music festival’s success depends on the crowd’s enthusiasm. Toronto proved itself once again that it has one of the most vivid and diverse music followings.

See below for my top performance picks:

1. New Found Glory: They’ve still got it. One of those ‘timeless bands’ whose sound crosses the new and old generations.

new found glory


2. Breathe Carolina: These guys really impressed me! Mixing EDM beats with pop and rock made me all happy inside.

breathe carolina


3. Blood on the Dance Floor: Anyone with the guts to grind a slab of metal on his crotch gets my respect…

Blood on the Dance Floor


Visit the Warped Tour site to find info on all the performers and their tour dates – http://vanswarpedtour.com/

See some of our pics below. Join our Facebook page to see all 100+ photos from the event.


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Sick pics! I <3 Breathe Carolina

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