Toronto Underground Market @ Evergreen Brickworks

Toronto Underground Market @ Evergreen Brickworks

I have a confession to make. I eat way too much. Don’t let my superhero body fool you – I’m certain I can give Adam Richman (Man vs. Food) a run for his money. *end sarcasm*

In all seriousness, I do think I eat more than the average person. Definitely more than I should – I just can’t be helped! There’s too much out there to try. I figure I might as well use this mid 20′s body of mine to my advantage and explore all the gastronomic selections of this world.

To help me with this ongoing pursuit, I decided to attend the latest Toronto Underground Market (TUM) at Evergreen Brickworks on July 7th.

I had attended one of their events earlier this year and loved it. For those unfamiliar, TUM is a social food market where local food entrepreneurs come together to sample their food to the community. TUM’s events have grown significantly more popular over the last few months as tickets will sell out in just a few days.

When we arrived at the venue, lineups for each vendor were long as expected. We didn’t mind this too much as it gave us a chance to mingle with the other food-heads around us and hear them talk about their favourite dishes.

Common phrases we’d hear:

“Oh where did you get that? It looks awesome!”

“I want to try this, and this, and this, and…”

“Dude I’m starving, give me a bite”

The whole day was a blast. Here are our favourite food picks:

1. The Backyard Kitchen: The beet sliders were amazing. Would make Dwight Shrute proud.

Backyard Kitchen

2. Rocklobster Food: Had the longest lineup out of all the vendors. Lobster sandwiches were so worth the wait!


3. My Little Dumplings: Super friendly staff. Beef dumplings had a unique taste and were surprisingly filling.

My Little Dumpling

4. Mama Nashi’s: Needed something spicy. Mama Nashi came to my rescue!

Mama Nashi's

5. Augusta Ale: Needed a good brew to wash down all the food. Tried the ‘Hops and Robbers’, smooth taste.

Augusta Ale

6. Hawaiian Style Pale Ale: Needed more good beer. This pale ale was perfect to end the hot summer day.

Hawaiian Style Pale Ale

For anyone looking to try a multitude of unique eats, I definitely recommend TUM for your next outing.

Keep an eye on the TUM website for updates on their next event.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page to see all photos we took at TUM.


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