Review: Samsung Galaxy S3 – A Blogger’s Tool

Review: Samsung Galaxy S3 – A Blogger’s Tool

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I’m reviewing a phone! Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the best phone in the world right now? Yes. I’ve decided to give a review of this phone based on criteria that appeals to me and hopefully you too. If you are looking for detailed specifications on the device, click here.

As a quick side note, I’m writing this review for my own reasons – Samsung has not given me a phone to review; so no BS here. I’ll try to explain my background and rationale for my opinions.


I owned and operated a Blackberry Bold 9700 before upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S3. My reasons for switching were ‘focused’ (pun) on the screen – it’s big, sharp and clear. The colours are very nice and appear natural, not overly saturated like the iPhone. The resolution seems better than real life; watching HD video is amazing on this small screen and physically the phone is the same width as the Blackberry with an additional 2 inches in length.

My Questions Answered:

Are you worried about texting on a glass screen?

Don’t be. Having only used a QWERTY Blackberry keypad for most of my life, it took me less than a day to figure out all the ingenious ways to type. In fact, I’m typing this whole article on my phone right now and it’s even helping with my spelling. It can’t fix my grammar or dry sense of humour however.

What can it do?

It took me 10 minutes to learn how to safely install video games like Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 and the next 7 hours to get past the first CD of FF8 (I used roms to install the game’s original CD data). I’ve never had a game work this fast and flawlessly in such a small device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 playing FF8 final fantasy S III.jpg

I’ve been pushing this poor machine to its limits. For example: I’m currently playing a miniaturized 720p video in the corner of the screen while I edit this article.

What impressed me the most, in terms of overall impression, is this concept of natural intuitive function and design that connects with me. You can customize everything. There is this great feeling you get when you start using your phone and knowing that it is truly your own. You can do almost anything with the options due to Android’s commitment to open source code. Everything is available to you – from thousands of professional apps to quick access to movies and music. You just need to use your phone to figure it out.

Why did I buy it?

Made sense, this phone can do everything a tablet can do. It is portable and powerful. I would have to say:

“The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a blogger’s best friend”

Not just for its sweet camera, 1080p video and photo editing apps, but really it fits our lifestyle.

I’m taking pics with my Blackberry (notice the low quality) and transferring them back to my S3 using a Micro SD card. I’m then editing and cropping the photos while I use Documents to Go to upload the files onto our site server. I’m also coding this article while I ride the bus to the airport. Blows my mind that technology has come this far.

I used to think iPhones were hip and cool, and that they appealed to the circle of peers I run with. However, after seeing what the Samsung could do vs. the iPhone, I’m sold on this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 playing Futurama and editing word doc.JPG


BUY A BATTERY!!! If you are a power hungry blogger like me and are on the road a lot, get that extra battery! It’s worth it just for the zen feeling that replaces the anxious fear of having my phone die and not being in touch with you all.

And if you want to look extra kool check out this retro leather wallet protective cover I picked up.

Zenus Masstige Color Edge Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Navy at

Zenus Masstige Color Edge Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Navy at dinosaurusrex dot ca 3

Zenus Masstige Color Edge Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Navy at

See here to find out where I got it :P

My final thought on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it does not require a rating because the tool itself is what you make of it. It fits perfectly as a blogger’s best friend and professional tool that can help anyone achieve more out of their mobile.

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I switched from iPhone to android last fall, and I love it! I got my Samsung Galaxy phone from bell (

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