Luminato preview: Toronto Carretilla Initiative with Rainer Prohaska

Luminato preview: Toronto Carretilla Initiative with Rainer Prohaska

Luminato 2012 is finally here! I hope you guys are as stoked as we are. Dinosaurus Rex will be covering several upcoming Luminato events throughout the next week. Keep checking back for updates. Here is your first taste:

Food & Art – the two things go together so well, we keep seeing it everywhere! You can refer to our last post on ‘Bluebird’ to get what I’m saying.

On Tuesday (June 5) we were invited to partake in a special rehearsal of Luminato’s Toronto Carretilla Initiative. This was a sneak preview of a free event that will be available to the public from June 9-17.

Toronto Carretilla Initiative

So what is the Carretilla Initiative? The official description is as follows:

“Austrian artist Rainer Prohaska takes on the Toronto food scene, dispersing mobile kitchens throughout the city and assembling them into larger sculptures. The public is invited to collectively prepare, and partake in a meal. The installations—a seemingly makeshift assortment of household objects attached to a shopping cart—can be assembled for the preparation of both simple and complex dishes; but recipe instructions are delivered in unexpected forms and then distributed to participants. The recipes, changed daily, dictate sculptural changes to the installation. Once the meal has been consumed, the kitchen is dismantled, leaving just a flavourful memory in the mind, and on the palate. Prohaska is one of the few international artists to link Luminato’s food and visual arts programs, questioning our relationship to food and to each other.”

Make sense? For you folks that grew up in the 90’s, think of it as Bobby Flay meets the Red-Green Show. Artist Rainer Prohaska adds a much finer class and swing to the whole deal that makes it much more tasteful of course.

Rainer Prohaska

Rainer Prohaska

The Event

For the rehearsal, a small group of us met up at the Evergreen Brick Works where we were greeted by the organizers who quickly gave us a rundown of the event. I have to admit, I didn’t quite get it at first – I had to see it to believe it!

We prepared two recipes – Sweet poppy seed butter gnocci and gnocci with a savoury beet cream sauce. Essentially, we (the audience) became part of a working piece of art by manning installations in an assembly line to complete a recipe.

Toronto Carretilla Initiative

We had a blast! You have to experience it yourself to get the full effect. The installations were truly mobile pieces of artwork that could change depending on situational needs of the ‘cooks’. It was fun watching people move seamlessly from task to task as they tried hard to make pasta from scratch into a finished product. Very smart, very entertaining.

The whole event was supervised by professionally trained chefs who were more than willing to give us a hand. I would also like to mention that they ensured we were following all food health and safety procedures throughout the process.

The one time where ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ is not a bad thing..

We would definitely recommend signing up for Toronto Carretilla Initiative this year. It’s one of those unique opportunities to meet new people and see how with just a few steps, you can go from simple ingredients to delicious results. The whole idea is to have community work together toward a larger goal through cooking. Rainer Prohaska succeeds in creating a living art piece that incorperates food, art and community.

To sign up for the next Toronto Carretilla Initiative event – vist

Special thanks to our friend Devon Lyddle for volunteering her time to help us get full coverage of this event :)

Photos courtesy of Luminato Festival 2012


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I’m dragging my bf to this event – can finally give him some hands on cooking experience :p

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