German Soccer Fans Invade The Musket – Best place to watch the Euro Cup 2012

German Soccer Fans Invade The Musket – Best place to watch the Euro Cup 2012


I hope you’ve all been keeping up with the Euro Cup this year! Out of the Dinosaurus Rex team, I’m the one that really pays attention to soccer. The sport has the right level of competition and over the top, worldwide following of enthusiastic fans. It also gives me a chance to take extra cash from my buddies through our traditional Euro Cup pool. :p

In case you’re wondering why I’m cheering for Germany, it goes back to my roots. Traditionally, I am German, and seeing the black, red and gold fills me and my fellow soccer fans with patriotic pride.

Now where do German fans and I go to watch our favourite team play?  I’ll tell you where. The best place in Toronto to watch the Euro Cup 2012 is The Musket (40 Advance Road, Toronto).

Ever since I moved to Toronto, The Musket has been my favourite place for traditional Barbarian/German food and authentic German Hacker Beir. My personal favourite thing on the menu is the Schnitzel ─ I tend to order two, although one is big enough for the average person. Inside the restaurant is a like stepping into a perfect replica of what an authentic Germanic pub would be. The atmosphere is spot on. Buxom women included.

Along with our love for buxom women, beer, and more beer, we Germans love one other thing ─ and that is Soccer/Futball! Especially during this year’s 2012 Euro Cup. Recently, The Musket has transformed from a great German restaurant into a Mecca for anyone slightly cheering for team Deutschland.

200+ people invade The Musket on game days. The restaurant fights back and is well prepared to handle the Bavarian horde. You see, the restaurant has a secret and that secret is a giant Beer hall attached to its side along with an expansive patio and plenty of TVs. The German waitresses also offer very efficient service so no futball action is missed.

You have to try the Schnitzel, and you’d be wise to show up a bit early if you want the best seats. Feel free to bring a flag or paint your face too. I’ll be here cheering the lads on to victory every game.

Join me at The Musket TODAY (June 28th) to watch Germany vs. Italy at 2:45pm(ET)!!


For more info on The Musket and their great restaurant – visit

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