Chivas Regal presents: 1801 – hosted by Bruce Croxon @ Arcadian Loft

Chivas Regal presents: 1801 – hosted by Bruce Croxon @ Arcadian Loft

On June 14th, Scotch whisky connoisseurs only had one place to be in Toronto – and that was the Arcadian Loft. There, we were hosted by Bruce Croxon (Dragon’s Den) as Chivas Regal celebrated ‘1801’ – a sophisticated tasting event filled with food, music, laughs and great Scotch. You probably recall our earlier posts on past Chivas tastings at Bay Bloor Radio, Brassai and Roots. ‘1801’ was the grand finale event that ended the string of tastings Chivas hosted over the last couple months. Only 300 of Toronto’s finest were invited – all had their names drawn from a contest they had entered while attending the previous events.

When I found out that I would be cheers’ing and tasting a 25 year old Scotch whisky that was almost the same age as me I was humbled… and thrilled! I love Scotch. This is no secret – my credit card bills and collection of Scotch can attest to it. This event offered me a new challenge and great opportunity to expand my pallet.

Cheers to Chivas!

The Event

This time, I brought a lady along with me as Chris was feeling under the weather that day. The event was definitely a step above the other Chivas  parties we’ve attended. I was very impressed by the incredible amenities and surprises available throughout the night. Top retailers and caterers were present to offer us demonstrations, photo shoots and samples. We had a blast mingling with the crowd and making new friends along the way. The only sad note I can think of is that this was the last event Chivas will be hosting for a while. My hat goes off to them for throwing one heck of a grand finale.

Our Favourite Highlights:

- A fashion station by GOTSTYLE – here you could get tips on better men’s fashion in case you weren’t dressed up well enough…didn’t apply to me of course

- A shaving station and hair salon provided by MANKIND GROOMING

DJ ToronTone filled the ambience of the party with unique beats

- We had a conversation with host Bruce Croxon – he gave us some good internet advice to help prevent Dinosaurus Rex from ever going extinct

- The Young Empires lit up the stage playing some of their latest hits (seriously, this band was awesome, and the sound that the Arcadian venue could produce was as good as any rock show)

The Young Empires - Chivas Regal 1801

What about the Scotch?

Chivas Regal 15 years old

Karl’s Chivas Regal 25 year old Original taste profile:

“…to successful gentlemen…”

Phase I. Smooth entry with no overwhelming taste profiles, everything is in harmony here
Phase II. Subtle tastes of warm honeyed caramel start to reveal themselves
Phase III. Velvety after taste with powerful flavours. Rich full scotch, finishing with a minute apricot perfection

For more info on Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky – visit

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