We are changing for the better! – New Site, New Look, More Green

We are changing for the better! – New Site, New Look, More Green

Hello friends, as you may have noticed, we’ve drastically changed the layout of our site. In addition to getting Facebook and Twitter accounts (so overdue… we know) we’ve made the conscious effort to migrate to a new server and wish to share the reasons with you.

We here at Dinosaurus Rex are privileged to attend many environmental functions and discussions. Chris and I asked ourselves not what are we doing to help the environment, but rather – are we doing anything that could be directly harming the environment? We took this question and turned it onto ourselves and our site.

What we discovered might be shocking to some. The actual medium we use to bring you our message of environmental importance is actually harming the environment. Irony is captured here with those ‘grassroots’ internet movements that actually end up harming the very environment they are trying to save.

The internet and the web hosting industry are heavy contributors to climate change factors due to using energy produced by polluting technologies like fossil fuel. Imagine how much energy a warehouse full of servers consumes…

Server Warehouse

Server Warehouse

“It is essential that the web hosting industry start to move toward being more eco-friendly as it is estimated that by 2020 if we do not work to make this industry greener, that it will be as big of a polluter as the Airline industry.”  - Greengeeks.ca

“Computer servers are at least as great a threat to the climate as SUVs or the global aviation industry” - New Scientist

We will never preach here at Dinosaurus Rex, but we will give you the facts that influenced our move towards a greener web host alternative… Also it did provide us the perfect opportunity to update and bring a sexy new look and feel to the site…

GreenGeeks is our new web host.  For more info on how they provide more eco-friendly web hosting visit Greengeeks.ca

We want to personally thank all those who appreciate the change we are trying to bring about.

PS. Please be patient as we get the new site up and running – all our old posts will be back up shortly!

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