Chivas Regal presents Listen Up! @ Bay Bloor Radio

Chivas Regal presents Listen Up! @ Bay Bloor Radio

The kind folks at Chivas Regal have been spoiling us this month with a whole array of scotch tasting events taking place in different venues across the city.  On May 16th they held an evening of “scotch and sound” at Bay Bloor Radio where Totem Acoustic unveiled their new Element Series speakers.

For those who know me, I’m not the biggest scotch drinker. I enjoy the stuff now and then but I wouldn’t call myself an authority on the subject. Our resident expert Karl however worships the stuff – you can see his review on Chivas Regal Scotch here.

What I DO have a good knowledge of are speakers and audio. What attracted me most to this event was the fact that Vince Bruzzese, President of Totem Acoustic, was going to give a personal demonstration of his new speakers.  For those who have never heard of Totem speakers before – they are top of the line audio products that can easily run you $5000+ per speaker.

Does their price reflect their quality?

I have a friend who relocates to different countries every few years for work. The one and only piece of ‘furniture’ he’ll bring to each country are his Totems. He will live and die by them.

In front of a small audience, Bruzzese played several sound clips through the speakers to demonstrate their versatility and ability to “articulate sound and stay musical”. These things sounded amazing.  I even got to chat with Bruzzese after the demo where he sincerely expressed his passion for sound and how one speaker takes approximately 7.5 hours for his best engineer to construct.  “It’s all about precision” he mentioned.

Without going into too much technical detail, the new Element speakers boast a sleek stand-up design and can fully articulate ‘large-scale’ music with many different levels of sound (ex: Orchestral, House, Techno).

After the event I called up Karl to collect all the money he owed me. Need to start saving for a pair of my own Totems now!

For more info on Totem Acoustic visit –

For more info on Chivas Regal and their next tasting event in Toronto visit –


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