Chivas Regal Canada presents ‘Algonquin Luxe’ with Roots Canada

Chivas Regal Canada presents ‘Algonquin Luxe’ with Roots Canada

These Chivas Regal Scotch tasting events have been a blast for Karl and I.

Karl, being the avid scotch drinker, never says no to good scotch (see here for his review on the product). And I have been enjoying these opportunities to learn about new products I’m interested in, such as the Totem Speakers from the May 16th event (see here)

On May 24th, Chivas teamed up with Roots Canada to showcase the latter’s new exclusive Tribe Leather Collection. What’s so great about leather? Think Indiana Jones for a second. No man should be caught without a good leather bag (or satchel) that can withstand the brunt of the elements and Toronto wildlife. If you can get a hold of a matching leather whip and hat, you’re all the better (and deserve a jumping high five).

Indiana Jones    Satchel

We were fortunate enough to speak with Raymond Perkins, Director of Roots Culture and PR, and Andrew McCurbin, Roots Leather Specialist. They gave us a complete lowdown on the products. These goods are made of authentic Tribe African Leather and are “more in tune than autotune”. Just getting to hold and feel some of the products, we knew there was some sweet craftsmanship put into them. Their price can easily run you $150+ but you can’t find quality like this often.

I especially liked the ‘Raiders’ series bags (which are actually named after my favourite movie). Karl took on a strange liking for the Raider’s Side Bag. It started to bug me though when he refused to take it off and began reciting Indiana Jones quotes every 10 minutes for the rest of the evening.

Karl - Satchel


How about the party?

As usual, Chivas put on a great party. DJ Torontone filled the room with his beats and the friendly Chivas staff made us feel welcome.  Look for us at the next Chivas event, Butcher & Bartender, at The Healthy Butcher – where we’ll be sampling cuts of meats with scotch pairings!

For more info on the Roots Tribe Leather Collection – click here

For more info on Chivas Regal Scotch and their next event – visit



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Amazing article, thank you, I will subscribe to you RSS now.


Roots, you disappoint me. Chretien failed Canadian manufacturing, and you just jumped on-board with him in the name of profit margins. Stop branding yourself as canadian, as you’re not a t-shirt shop on Spadina selling maple leaf plastered t-shirts. You’re Roots Canada, and now you’re as icky as Raymond Perkins hair.

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