Anime North 2012 – Convention Highlights

Anime North 2012 – Convention Highlights

Last weekend definitely saw us go out of our normal spectrum of events. Nothing like a little change once in a while!

Friday, May 25th, marked the opening day for Anime North 2012 – Canada’s premier fan run anime convention – which was so large it spanned the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel and the entire Toronto Congress Center.

While Chris was driving us to the event, we passed a bus stop where I saw a spikey yellow haired dude with a giant sword, and next to him, a “Super Saiyan Goku or Jaylen”…and probably about another dozen well hidden ninjas around them. On the street we also walked by a bunch of kids in gray make-up, black clothes and orange coloured horns…Fancy! Characters like these roaming the streets indicate one thing – Anime North has arrived! This Memorial Day weekend, Toronto turned into the Mecca of fun nerds and geeks a like.

The crowds of cosplayers did not disappoint this self-proclaimed “anime/manga virgin” as it was my first convention of this style.  I was told I could find pink haired girls in wicket costumes – so I obviously wanted to attend.

Anime North 2012

The convention ran from Friday to Sunday and is completely run by volunteers – which I found was really well organized. There were plenty of water stations to help cope with the heat and helpful volunteers were available to show us around. Some of the special events, shows and workshops we attended during our visit were:

  • 1.  A One Piece photo-shoot
  • 2.  Anime music video awards show
  • 3.  Traditional Japanese Kenjitsu demonstration
  • 4.  How to meet a Con-girlfriend (actually we didn’t go in cause it was full…)
  • 5.  How to cook your Pokémon
  • 6.  Masquarade Ball
  • 7.  A parking lot rave (where we got to party with the cosplayers). As soon as the house beats started I knew exactly what would happen – Chris immediately disappeared into the crowd to get his dance on while holding an SLR camera in one hand and an extended camera tripod strapped to his back.

*UPDATE* - click here to see our Top 10 Cosplay girls at Anime North

Favourite Costumes:

Event Highlights: (see our Facebook for 200 more pics)

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