Axwell @ Kool Haus – with Manzone & Strong

Axwell @ Kool Haus – with Manzone & Strong

One DJ I’ve been waiting to see again for some time is Axwell. I first saw this guy spin when I lived in Sweden about 6 years ago. In Stockholm, he played a pretty killer set in front of a small crowd… in an even smaller venue.

Fast forward to the present – the show he put on last Saturday (April 21st) was far from small! I knew Kool Haus was a pretty big venue but I didn’t expect it to house 3000+ people! Goes to show how far this Swedish DJ has come.

Axwell Set

The show opened with DJs Manzone & Strong who put on a fairly decent kick-start for the crowd. Karl and I didn’t get to the venue until about 12:30am so the show was already in motion. Axwell’s set was ‘signature Swedish house’ (low dirty drops and euro synth). It was clear everyone was into it – glow sticks galore.

This pic pretty much sums up the night perfectly

One thing to note was the temperature in the venue was beyond hot. These shows always get like that, however this one in particular was brutal at times. We tried our best to avoid the greasy shirtless guys on the floor – dudes, no chick wants to find herself pasted against your sweaty back… as cool as that sounds…

Overall, Axwell put on a great show. We didn’t leave the venue until 4am. The current ringing in my ears (2 days after) is a good sign this DJ had a lasting effect.

Download: Axwell on iTunes


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